About Us

Oh Uganda, may God uphold thee
We lay our future in the thy hand
United free for liberty
Together we’ll always stand

The national anthem… one of the shortest in the world

This website is here for the education, entertainment, betterment and unity of all Ugandans whilst educating non Ugandans and diaspora. We also have up-to-date travel information to help travellers coming to Uganda or travelling within.

Africans in all their creeds, cultures and colours were forced to live with each other as one by the colonisers, given foreign names, forced to learn foreign languages; then, we fought and got our “freedom” back… IT IS STILL COMPLICATED but we may as well live and think as one – in order to register on the world stage.

Uganda’s national bird, commonly known as the Crested Crane

Fun Fact
Uganda is one of only 11 countries with the Equator passing through it. Therefore it lies both in the northern and southern hemispheres. Beat that; some competing country that lies in only one hemisphere.