What is Uganda known for?

Putting poverty, AIDS, Ebola, and Malaria aside.

Uganda isn’t that well known in the world nor is it a world player at anything in particular. We don’t have any special landmarks to laud but we do have a few things, a couple of persons or events have put us firmly on the map.

We will list these things that make us known to non Ugandans.

Pearl of Africa

Erroneously said to coined by Winston Churchill, Uganda is known to be the Pearl of Africa.

Idi Amin

Idi Amin firmly placed Uganda on the map. From standing up to Britain and Israel to expelling Indians from Uganda. He is also in the infamous list of dictators of the world.


The Lord Resistance Army(LRA) let by Joseph Kony did many atrocities to their own people in the northern region. For a long time the world was pretty much oblivious to it until around 2012 when youth and the media of the west run campaigns that emphasised the plight and brought it to the world stage pinning Uganda on the map.