President Yoweri Museveni made an inspiring speech at Kenyatta University about integration

Whilst being heckled on the outside by students – understandably.

Museveni made the speech at a public lecture at Kenyatta University, March 29 as students burn the Ugandan flag outside and chant Bobi Wine.

The heckling by KU students and the Ugandan flag burned.

In the speech the president outlines 5 key words that will help Africa back to its former glory; he also touches on African, world and human history – a good call as many a people will need this education.

The 5 key words he explains in depth in the video are:

Independence, Democracy, Prosperity (through economic integration), Security (through economic integration) and Fraternity.

Here are some quotes from the speech.

In order for prosperity to occur, we had to offer a clear ideological guide on the rejection of identity ahead of interests. Of what use is your tribe when they cannot purchase what you produce? You need other people to support your prosperity

Africans do not die easily, this is one good quality of Africans, they have got all sorts of problems but they don’t die easily.

Watch it below.

Museveni’s speech on African integration at Kenyatta University.