Make Africa Great Again: It is time for African diaspora to take back Africa

Or anyone else who identifies with the continent

Photo by Mat Reding on Unsplash

Nationalism is big business in Europe and America. We all know about Trump’s Make America Great Again in the States, Brexit in the UK and others. For Africa however, this is a legitimate call, it’s now time to take back the continent to its former glory — before the mass slave trade business and let us Make Africa Great Again.

I think it is safe to argue that Africa is berated around the world by everyone including recent African descendants and Africans themselves. Everyone sees Africa like we are told to see Africa.

But why? Way back in history Africa was the most civilised continent on earth when the others were still living in caves but something happened and the continent was then plunged into the dark ages as other civilisations took the baton. We largely ended up losing all our knowledge and civilisations – but a more recent history is the cause of the current disdain on the continent.

Dr. Arikana Chihombori Quao (in the video above), talks about the meeting of the European colonial powers in Germany for the Berlin Conference of 1884–85 to formalise the scramble for Africa. Which meant the division, occupation and colonisation of the continent. And in the video below she talks about the exploitation that is still happening in the continent due to afore mentioned conference.

This conference had a devastating effect on the continent which is still felt now. We look to Europeans for everything and in turn the Europeans look down on us.

Every strong structure needs a base to build on. Therefore we need to understand the history of Africa and us as a people, not just the last 300 years, for that will be our foundation. It will be the empowering factor that will galvanise Africa to become a world player once again.

The worst thing that colonialism did was to cloud our view of our past.

President Barack Obama

Once African diaspora start positively acknowledging Africa, the world will have no choice but to take notice.

We must fight for Africa’s voice on the world stage. It is time to “return to Africa” — here the UN talk about it in their Africa Renewal site.

Africa calling

The new African Union is calling all in diaspora, expats, well-wishers and all Africans at large. We may be divided by culture, language, creed and many other forces but we have common interests to make the continent great again.

The AU’s website is the best place to begin answering this call. Their website has all the information you need to get started.

Below are more ways you can register Africa on the map. Especially if you live in Africa right now.

Climate change

Industrialised countries are destroying us, our countries, our continent and our planet through the greenhouse effect; is it not absurd we have little or no saying on it considering we are pretty much custodians of humanity? Demand industries and foreign countries to stop emitting green house gasses (we already have a varied climate as a continent, thanks):

  • Petitions
  • Unions
  • Protests
  • Rallies

Stop the coups, rebellions, tribalisms, colourisms

Diplomacy is more effective. Coups have always been in the interest of foreign powers. Rebellions only serve in destroying our own people. Tribalism can never amount to anything – after all we need to work with each other to beat off competition.

Stop poaching and start conserving

Think about it if you kill all the animals now, how will you make money in the future? It may be fair to say poaches never think of their consequences in that case we all the the responsibility to educate our neighbours on the dangers of poaching and the importance of conservatism.

We need the animals to balance nature. Besides its a source of income for the whole continent when foreigners come to see them.

Learn about technology and the future

Do not shrug off technology because the only way we can quickly come to per with the world is by mastering, administering technology to our advantage. Since most of Africa is still developing we can incorporate technology from the get go – unlike the developed world who will be bolstering it onto existing builds or building new ones which can be expensive.

Let us do this.