Uganda Airlines is about to get a big upgrade.

In only a matter of weeks, this brand-new aircraft should be arriving home as earlier planned.

The new Airbus A330-800 will support the airline’s business expansion while offering passengers an enhanced travel experience.

And after catching a remote glimpse of the plane’s classy Airspace cabin, and now its test flight, Ugandans will have been more than reassured of the arrival of the long-haul aircraft, a development that Uganda Airlines CEO Cornwell Muleya recently said would be “a big milestone – after 18 years of not going intercontinental”.

Once given the all-clear to operate, the new aircraft will be used on intercontinental routes.

“We have three principal flights that we are going to make on these aircraft. The first route is to go to London (UK), then the second route is to go to Dubai in the Middle East and the third to Guangzhou (China),” Muleya said in a TV interview recently.

“This is where the majority of traffic out of Uganda goes and this is why these specific routes were chosen. In between, we shall be looking at Mumbai (India), routes across to West Africa and southern Africa to complete the interconnections.

“And all this is targeted towards business, tourism, the trade sector as well as the export sector for the fresh foods that are out of this country.”