Uganda’s youngest presidential candidate

John Katumba, a 24 year old fresh graduate of Makerere University Business School did a course in Transport and Logistics Management and graduated in January 2020.

He received his primary education at Zion Hill Standard Academy in Buikwe District and later joined Central View High School in Mukono, where he finished both his O and A-Levels.

In an interview Katumba said he planned to run for president from the beginning and it has always been his dream.

Until the amendment of the Constitution in 2017, the age limit for presidential candidates was capped between 35 and 75 years.  If it stayed that way, Mr Katumba would have had to wait for three more electoral cycles before qualifying to run for president.   

To him, becoming the president of the country could help him affect change on several things that, he thinks, are not being done the right way.

Being a youth, Katumba concedes that he does not not have clearly written policies but he is running for president to show that with the right mindset one can start to chase his dream. Katumba, just like a few people he works with, is sure of gaining something from candidature even if the odds of him winning the race are minimal.

However, he is faced with hurdles to jump. Right now, the presidential candidate has no car and moves on foot as being escorted by over ten bodyguards.

Personally I think this country could use a new face with raw ideas.